Biological and some clinical evidence su

Biological and some clinical evidence suggest that high-dose intravenous vitamin C (IVC) could increase the effectiveness of cancer chemotherapy. IVC is widely used by integrative and complementary cancer therapists, but rigorous data are lacking as to its safety and which cancers and chemotherapy regimens would be the most promising to investigate in detail.

Injectable Vitamin C and the Treatment of Viral and Other Diseases

Vitamin C and vitamin C-rich foods have had a long and tortured history finding
acceptance for use in the prevention and treatment of human health 1

Over the last 450 years, each discovery of a new use for vitamin C (or vitamin C-rich foods) has typically been followed by an excruciatingly long period before it is adopted by mainstream medicine. The introductory narrative that follows briefly reviews a few of the high points of this history. A description of my own experiences with the use of injectable vitamin C for the treatment of flu and pneumonia follows the review.